Thursday, June 28, 2012

Windy Morning

Windy June morning
The branches of the trees bend
In the summer wind

The neighbor's chi gong routine;
A peaceful, flowing stillness

Seen through a window
Clouds hovering in the sky;
When did they arrive?

Lovers under a full moon
Gaze fondly at each other

The night is quiet
October contemplations;
The past, the future . . .

Autumn is not summer's death,
It is the birth of winter

He's sad and happy;
On his fortieth birthday
Friends reminiscing

A squirrel lines his nest with leaves;
He's very meticulous

Several times a day
She catalogs the email
Without reading them

Purchased on a sudden whim
A blue vase of white roses

The family altar,
An angel hovers nearby,
Incense and candles

For just a few brief minutes
Mountains catch the sunset light

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