Saturday, October 13, 2012

Comments on this Blog

Good Morning Friends:

I have received a few inquiries about comments on this blog.  These have asked me to make comments easier.  So I thought I would post about comments to the general community.

When I first started 'Shaping Words' I had an open comments policy.  Almost immediately spammers took advantage of this.  I regularly had adbots posting comments, which were actually links to ads, some of a nature that I found morally questionable, which I then had to take time to remove.  Unfortunately, the internet is thick with these kinds of intrusive, ad-driven, annoyances.  Reluctantly, I decided to put in place the mechanisms for filtering out the spammers and adbots.  Hence the procedure for posting at this time.  I know that 'captcha' can be irritating.  At other blogs where I have wanted to comment I have at times found them frustrating and unreadable.  I also know that at least once I have accidentally deleted a comment that I intended to post, simply by clicking on the wrong place.  So there are disadvantages either way.  On the whole, though, I still lean towards the more restrictive comment policy.

If anyone has some suggestions for alternative comment procedures, please feel free to post them here and I will consider them.

Best wishes,


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