Monday, October 1, 2012


Strange afternoon --
Summer heat in October
And I'm overdressed

The willow beside the stream
Still has its leaves; the oaks don't

On the other side
Of the National Forest
Children are playing

In the thickly falling snow
It seems that ghosts come and go

She throws the I Ching --
What did he mean when he said,
"I'll see you later?"

Due to office politics
The branch office changes hands

This October spring
The plum blossoms disappeared
After a few days

"Yes, I know that you love me.
Do you know I don't love you?"

He prints the email,
"I can't think about it now,"
He says to himself

The longest day of the year --
The full moon will have to wait

For almost three months
Above the arctic circle
There's constant daylight

Rising from the tundra plain
An enduring mountain range

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