Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Fog in the morning
Wet leaves covering the ground
The sound of a crow

Lovers lingering in bed
Comfortable with each other

Touching the window
A branch of the apple tree
Covered with blossoms

He returns to his report,
His boss wants it on Friday

Trucks on the highway;
Office supplies, groceries,
Food, furniture, clothes . . .

"After you go to the gym,
Could you pick up a movie?"

On Sunday morning,
In the church's parking lot,
Empty spaces

Underneath a spacious sky
A family gathering

Beneath the oak trees
Sheltered from the steady heat
And the constant glare

The strength of the July sun
As it reaches its zenith

Bright white drifts of weeks-old snow
Covered with many footprints

Under the full moon
A rabbit stops to listen
Before vanishing

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