Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sudden Wind

Sudden Wind

It's dark so early
And it was gray the whole day
Of cold and drizzle

Crocheting a large blanket
While sharing family news

Afternoon T.V.
Reruns of Perry Mason
Followed by Star Trek

Pluto in the telescope
Coursing slowly through the signs

A crystal clear sky
On a night without a moon
Beyond city lights

The scent of cherry blossoms
Drifts like incense in the air

Grandfather's advice
Through constant repetition
Casts a kind of spell

"I never gave it much thought,"
(That's not entirely true)

Glasses of iced tea
Leave rings on the wood table
After the ice melts

It was an office romance;
Surprisingly, it lasted

The diagnosis
Is a six month prognosis;
Nothing can be done

A sudden wind tears the leaves
Off the oak and chestnut trees

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