Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's already warm
Though it's still early morning
No clouds in the sky

As the August heat rises
The automatic sprinkler starts

Same time every day
He continues his studies
Of mathematics

Under the light of the moon
Minds settle, clarity dawns

They decide to part;
Even though they love each other,
It isn't enough

Workmen build the new off ramp,
Blocking the flow of traffic

Not much rain last year;
Apple trees are blooming late
And bees are hard to find

Googling an obscure ref'rence
Yields too much information

The obsessive child
Tries to count the flakes of snow
Passing his window

All the layers and sweaters
Can't stop the brutal May wind

"Ruthless honesty?
So that is what you call it,"
Anger in her walk

The hardest of granite cliffs
Will soon be reduced to dust

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