Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Morning Fog Disperses

August morning fog
Disperses during breakfast;
Warm summer sunlight

A dog wanders through the yard,
I wonder where it's going

From a safe distance
A meteor silently
Crosses the earth's path

Coming out of the diner
She's startled by the full moon

A passing stranger
Sings a drunken lullaby
To a memory

All the November storefronts
Are ready for winter sales

He buys a new scarf
And a set of gold earrings
For his fiance

A list of college classes
Offered the next semester

As the leaves turn red
She celebrates her birthday
With a huge desert

Crisp against the April sky
A red-tailed hawk in slow dive

The snow has melted,
And new blades of grass emerge,
And the first campers

On the high valley meadow
A carpet of new flowers

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