Thursday, August 2, 2012


On this silent dawn
I observe August passing
Through thick summer fog

The stream flows around the bend,
The sound of a distant owl

Nature photographs
A Yosemite brochure
And vacation plans

A Sagittarius sky
The hub of the wheel of time

The full moon pauses
Hovering at the zenith
The gate to the heart

She looks in on her children
And hopes they will have sweet dreams

In the small backyard
An angel checks the garden
And offers blessings

He drops the kids off at school
Then drives quickly to the store

In the city park
Suddenly the cherry trees
Are dense with blossoms

Slowly walking hand in hand
They wonder if this is love

Towards the end of March
The smell of new blades of grass
Like sublime incense

Vespers in the quiet church
A homeless man finds some rest

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