Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waiting for Dawn

A quiet morning,
The coolness brings to an end
The weeklong heat wave

There's no dew on the brown grass
Under the cloudless sky

The neighbors gather
To see the newborn triplets
And the new parents

At the Center for the Arts
The class for knitting begins

Under the full moon
The steady September wind,
A strange melody

He hums Gregorian Chant
Though he's not aware of it

How the temperature
Has fallen rapidly,
New ice on the pond

Some litter skitters across
The empty intersection

Sunday, 3 A.M.
Yesterday has passed away
Dawn is not yet here

The tight buds on the plum tree
And late February air

Stirs, but then settles,
As if spring is reluctant
To bring its changes

Without telling anyone
She visits an empty church

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